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eradicate. coming up we highlight a program that helps homeless vets get a permanent roof over their heads. >> coming up later on the news edge as we honor veterans day, people across the globe are honoring world armistice day, that story and more coming up on the news edge. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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they fought for our country and now they need their country to fight back for them. >> homeless veterans are getting some help in d.c. this weekend. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> reporter: with the slam of a door they begin a your any. >> i thought -- they begin a journey. roslyn isn't just looking for an apartment. she's starting over. >> sometimes i slept in my car and the worst thing was when do you go to the restroom when you need to? >> reporter: this person is an iraq war veteran. she has a masters degree in
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business and undergraduate degree from american university. >> i have a lot of skills. i didn't have a job. >> reporter: she lost her home. >> we don't believe saying to you here's a bunch of good luck, god bless. we believe in helping you each step of the way. >> reporter: the d.c. housing authority's veterans affairs supportive housing program is giving ella a voucher for an apartment. now through this program they've already placed 130 veterans in homes and apartments in d.c. this year. when the real estate market turned, d.c.-based sanford capital had a lot of vacant apartments. they partnered with the housing authority to help themselves and the vets. >> we don't see it as a risk. we see it as an opportunity and that opportunity is to assist and freeway a veteran who served our country and give them the resources and kind of the jump start to provide housing for them. >> reporter: 33% of homeless males are veterans. >> the people that serve in our
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country i don't think understand because we should come home and shouldn't have to go through this. we should come home when you get out of the military and get liveable job. >> reporter: albert strong was in the army 10 years including serving in vietnam. never wanted to rely on family for help. >> i wanted to be a man and stand on my own two feet. >> reporter: these vets remain optimistic. ella stays with a woman from her church and applies for five jobs a day. >> hopefully very soon i'll have a place of my own to lay my head. the news tonight is far from over. >> the news edge starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. thanks for staying with us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm laura evans. the edge begins with world leaders paying tribute today to veterans. >> we often forget while today is veterans day in america, it's also world armistice day. we'll hear how leaders across
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the globe honored the troops. >> reporter: the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month is honored every year to mark the end of world war i in 1918. president obama commemorating veterans day here in america by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier saying it's the country's sacred obligation to take care of its own. >> take care of our veterans. we take care of our families, not just by saluting you on one day, once a year, but by fighting for you and your families every day of every year. >> reporter: in the united kingdom queen elizabethattends a remembrance sunday ceremony in london laying a wreath in honor of british and the commonwealth's troops who lost their lives. in belgium crowds gather for a military parade ending at the
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mennengate memorial with a wreath laying ceremony attended by war veterans. >> it represents a special day to me to remember those people that's lives written in stone. >> reporter: the french president marking armistice day with troops laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier beneath the famous paris land mark. active military personnel taking a moment to remember those who have come before them as these british troops in afghanistan hold a memorial service at their base in helmand province. in 1919 woodrow wilson dedicated november 11th armistice day. in 1954 president eisenhower changed the holiday to veterans day to honor all service members. in honor of world war ii veterans came to washington for the weekend. we caught up with them at the world war ii memorial that
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honored veterans with a wreath laying today and one man shared with us how he found out the war was over. >> we came back to pearl harbor thinking i was going to join a group that was going to make a landing on japan. that was kind of in my mind and we got there and they started firing off guns and flares and everything and i thought we were under attack again, but it come to be the war was over. >> in the next moment mr. thompson was overcome with emotion saying that today's events made him feel so important all these years later. we have a news alert from alexandria, investigators wanting you to take a close look at some very dramatic surveillance video. if you know the two men holding up this 7-eleven on kenmore avenue, the crime happened almost two weeks ago, the night hurricane sandy hit and it might be related to other crimes. >> been a few in this area and my understanding is in fairfax county as well there's been a
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couple similar in nature. also the time of year these types of offenses pick up coming into the holiday season. >> if you have any information, please call alexandria police. you can remain anonymous. d.c. police arrested a suspect for the two stabbings of people in then it turned into a fight and the woman pulled out a knife. a man and woman were stand but their injuries reportedly minor. the edge on maryland now and the scene of a fight ended with the shooting of an innocent man. the taco bell manager on minstrel way confronted the people fighting and was shot. >> he always greets people and has a smile on his face. he's always nice. so it's just really terrible. >> the victim was flown to shock trauma in baltimore. he is now listed in critical condition. one man is dead after a
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shooting in lewisdale, maryland overnight. police were called to charleston place and drexel street before 1:30 this morning where they found 20-year-old edwin loyola. he was pronounced dead later at a hospital. no arrests so far. the man accused of being the east coast rapist admits to raping several women. aaron thomas spoke to a reporter from the washington post while he is awaiting trial. he told the reporter he attacked several women in several states beginning two decades ago but said he doesn't know why. he said, "i need help with this problem. it's serious. don't think i'm crazy, but something is wrong with me." we are monitoring metro tonight. a person who wound up on the tracks, investigators say a man lost his balance or lost consciousen and fell onto the tracks at ft.-- consciousness and fell onto the tracks at ft.
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totten. it's not clear what his injuries are, but we're told he will survive. red line trains were single tracking after the incident. members of congress are calling for more details into ex-general david petraeus' affair. they want to know if national security was compromised and why congress wasn't told sooner. the fbi's probe is said to have begun with harassing e-mail sent by paula broadwell to a second woman. petraeus resigned friday. at least two people are dead after place sieve blast in indianapolis. the blast -- a massive blast in indianapolis. the blast leveled homes. crews are going through homes trying to find survivors. the cause is still under investigation. for the first time israel has been drawn into the fighting in neighboring syria. israel fired warning shots that crossed the border after a stray mortar from syria hit a military post in the golan
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heights. israel captured the golan heights in 1967 during the war. no damage has been reported inside israel, but israeli officials threaten tougher retaliation if the attacks continue. at home we're taking it outside, gorgeous, gorgeous day, gwen tolbart, perfect day to rake leaves. >> absolutely. and a perfect day for a parade. we had plenty of those. guess what, the run is not quite over yet. i'll have the details of what to expect as you start your workweek after the break. where others fail, droid powers through.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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we had a great today and with it came warmer conditions, temperatures were well above seasonal. a few clouds tonight and a little fog in the morning, so be prepared. here's a look at the highs today, unbelievable, 71 degrees at reagan national, 70 at dulles and 66 at bwi thurgood marshall, temperatures some 11 degrees above the seasonal average. so a very nice day temperature- wise. we really got a break this weekend. currently 54 at d.c., 48 at baltimore, 60 at fredericksburg this hour, 58 at dulles, 52 at manassas and 46 degrees at culpeper. we're seeing some warm conditions that will last quite a bit into the course of tomorrow at least. look at the national map. al

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